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Our cover

HearInsure offers two levels of cover – to match your lifestyle.

Total Cover

Many people don’t realise that most hearing aid insurance products currently available in the insurance market were not designed or intended to cover hearing aids. Lack of coverage outside the home, restrictive fine print and an approval process that can take weeks to complete has left hearing aid insurance disconnected with the hearing industry, and the needs of hearing aid user’s.

At HearInsure we set out to design a comprehensive hearing aid insurance solution to help you protect you one of your most valuable assets: your hearing aids.


We worked directly with hearing aid users and hearing care providers to design our cover, ensuring that HearInsure products are unmatched for delivering results and peace of mind for our clients. The result is what we believe is the best solution to hearing aid insurance available to hearing aid users anywhere in Australia today. With HearInsure you are covered for any and all eventualities that may arise from:

  • Accidental Loss
  • Unrepairable Damage
  • Theft


By choosing HearInsure Total Cover, you can be guaranteed the following advantages:

  • Fast and easy application process
  • 5 business day claim approval process
  • Low excess
  • Our product is accessible directly from your trusted hearing care provider
  • No hassle – our automated claims process means once you claim, we look after the rest

Total Cover +Travel

With optional +Travel Cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that your hearing aids are covered wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re visiting family in the U.K., cruising the Rhine, or caravanning around Australia, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that if you lose or damage your hearing aids, we will guide you through the process of hearing again as soon as possible – that’s our guarantee!

HearInsure +Travel Cover gives you peace of mind. Wherever you are, our simple claims process guarantees to help you get back to hearing again as soon as possible – that’s our promise to you!


In addition to our Total Cover, our +Travel Cover add-on provides the follow additional advantages:

  • Damage, theft and loss for all Interstate travel
  • Damage, theft and loss for all International travel

With our +Travel add-on, we provide the following additional levels of cover on top of our existing Total Cover product offering.


+Travel Cover is your path to true peace of mind when it comes to protecting your hearing – regardless of where you are. Additional +Travel benefits include:

  • Peace of mind regardless of where you are in the world
  • Replacement hearing aid provided within one week of claim approval – anywhere in the world
  • Priority claims processing in the event of loss outside of your state

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